We stay focus on children and teenagers and take the promotion of every teenage seriously. It is a long-lasting and continuous work. Our programs contribute to the preservation and further development of a democratic and solidary society. We are committed to promoting the sustainable development of all children and teenagers.


With our programs we encourage teenagers to get more involved in school and family life. In group work, many children and teenagers gain their first experience of participation.


Our work builds on the interests of teenagers. Teenagers determine and co-design our programs (see § 11 SGB VIII). Our participants actively determine the selection of goals, programs and content.


Volunteering as an essential attribute of children and teenage program means to combine the fun of practice, personal gain and the assumption of responsibility together. We are facing the changing processes of volunteering and offering numerous opportunities for a longer and shorter term. It is free of charge, voluntary, self-determined and characterised by commitment and responsibility.

Value Orientation

A humanistic image of humanity, the acceptance of different societies, political or religious values ​​shape our programs. Our programs, such as extracurricular intercultural education, program days, holiday camp or thematic amusement facility and so forth, provide the orientation on cultural integration.