Yishuge, a non-profit organisation, aims to arouse curiosity about foreign cultures among children and teenagers in schools, open ways to inner peace, balance, concentration and artistic expressiveness. The team of teachers consists of Chinese and German artists, who spread traditional Asian art through a playful and spontaneous way. 

Chinese courses are becoming increasingly popular among different schools in Germany, however, many children and teenagers usually lack the direct connections to China, Chinese traditions, language and values. As a result we decided to offer various courses, programs and leisure activities of Chinese calligraphy to complement the deficiency of education in Chinese art and music, and provide our participants with a practical hands-on approach to Chinese culture.

Yishuge targets to arouse children’s interest in Chinese art and thus promote exchange between cultures. Confrontation of different cultures is one of the best ways to understand the essence of culture.

The study of Chinese art and Chinese artistic works promotes concentration, patience, attention, spatial imagination, as well as abstract and visual thinking skills of children. With our offers we would like to give all participants a new perspective of the world.