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About us

The ICAN project organizes an exchange of paintings among Chinese children and children from other countries all over the world with the goal of promoting cultural exchange and an interest in art from a young age.

Being introduced to foreign cultures at an early age is key to understanding and accepting cultural differences, as well as developing a wider variety of interests and skills. The art exchange allows students to form a connection with their Chinese peers and to artistically express themselves, as well as form new friendships.


We have already facilitated the exchange of art between numerous European and Chinese schools, and we are interested in expanding the project. You are more than welcome to join!

Artistic Practice

Cultural Exchange

Potential Friendship

Inspiring Education

To participate

  • 1. Tell us how many children will participate in the project

  • 2. Make paintings or drawings with the children

  • 3. Write a message on the back of the painting for the children in China

  • 4. Send the paintings to Yishuge

  • 5. We will send you the paintings from China

To participate

Contact us

Tel.: +49(30) 555777076

E-Mail: ican@yishuge.org