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About us

Founded by Yishuge in 2017, ICAN (International Community Art Network) is a non-profit global exchange network across art, culture and education. As a platform, ICAN provides a creative and inspiring way for people to meet others. Our participants exchange ideas and build friendships through modern western art and traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Regardless of age and background, our participants can explore their creativity, expand their cultural horizon, and boost their self-confidence in varied free artistic activities such as exchange projects, workshops, exhibitions, publications and so on.

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Our Ambassadors

ICAN China-Europe Arts and Cultural Exchange Ambassadors have been contributing in the “Bottle Post of Art” project. They come from different countries but share the same passion for Chinese art and culture.

If you’re interested to join our ambassador family, don’t hesitate to contact!

Xuan Jiayun

Xuan Jiayun


Xuan is our very first ICAN China-Europe Arts and Cultural Exchange Ambassador. She contributed to the first exchange between Die Schule in der Köllnischen Heide in Berlin Germany and Yishuge in Nanchang China.

Cai Zixu

Cai Zixu


As an ICAN China-Europe Arts and Cultural Exchange Ambassador, Cai organised and facilitated the ``Bottle Post of Art`` exchange between kids from Poland and China.

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