Ink & Brush


Ink & Brush is a monthly organised workshop in the essence of Chinese philosophy where you will learn how to draw, improve your current skills and meet new people while deepen the understanding of Chinese art and culture.

It is proved that Chinese art, including calligraphy, ink painting, ​and tea ceremony help people release stress. Our wish is that you even may bring inspiration to your private and professional life. We provide all materials and you will bring a great Chinese piece of art back home.

Course Plan

Date Theme
22. Mar. Painting on Fans                                                                     .


Date Theme
15. Jun. Chinese Lotus Ink Painting
13. Jul. Chinese Animal Ink Painting
17. Aug. Cherry Blossom Ink Painting
21. Sep. Chinese Moon Ink Painting
19. Oct. Chinese Ink Painting-Autumn Motives,Kaki and Sparrow
16. Nov. Chinese Ink Painting for tea with tea
14. Dec. White Snow:Black Ink
18. Jan. Chinese New Year – Calligraphy
15. Feb. Bamboo and Birds

If you are interested at the course, please sign up by our meetup 

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