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About the School

Link Chinese Academy (LCA) was founded in 2003 to provide an innovative solution to the lack of high-quality Mandarin education for children in the UK.

Over the past 13 years, our hard work, commitment and dedication has had fantastic results – we have seen impressive growth in terms of numbers of students and locations. We’re never content to sit back and ‘rest on our laurels’. We continue to ‘push the boundaries’ and have changed the ‘landscape’ of children Chinese language education in the UK. More than 80% of our students come through personal recommendations – a clear indication to us that we are continuing to meet and exceed our students’ expectations!

Course Information

Systematic Mandarin Training Programme

We developed the LCA curriculum through years of researching, teaching, and observing on what our children like doing at different stages cognitively, emotionally and physically. We picked out the best elements of children’s classes and coupled it with our knowledge, experiences, tons of love and our endless passion for creating a Chinese learning community.

LCA Baby Stars Mandarin (1-2 yrs)
LCA Little Stars Mandarin (2.5-4 yrs)
LCA Rising Stars Mandarin (4-6 yrs)
LCA Future Stars Mandarin (7 to 10 yrs)
LCA Shooting Stars Mandarin (11-14 yrs)
LCA Bilingual Stars Mandarin – For Mandarin Speaking Children (1-14 yrs)

Painting and Calligraphy Course

Plants and animals


Fish and squirrel


The painting and calligraphy course organised by Yishuge and Link Chinese Academy will be coming soon. Interesting and fascinating content could be expected. Stay tuned for more details!

Address: 222A Park Road, London KT2 5LS 

Telephone: (+44) 020 3665 3942

Email: enquiry@linkchinese.co.uk

Website: http://www.linkchinese.co.uk/