Ink Circle

We are Yishuge in Germany

For Children

With ink, we make the world better!

Yishuge, a non-profit organisation, aims to arouse curiosity about foreign cultures among children and teenagers in schools, open ways to inner peace, balance, concentration and artistic expressiveness. The team of teachers consists of Chinese and German artists, who spread traditional Asian art through a playful and spontaneous way.

Yishuge gGmbH: is an independent donor-funded institution, aims at spreading Asian art and culture. Our offers are free of charge for the participants.



Ink Circle

Providing playful approaches to the subject of Chinese culture, increasing the ability of concentrating, arousing curiosity about foreign cultures.




The team of teachers consists of Chinese and German artists with many years of educational experience working with children.



for Children

The main focus of the program is to increase the ability of children to concentrate, and due to the necessary physical rest, delicate operations and the texture of the materials, Chinese painting evidently leads to inner balance and consequently to an increased concentration.

Why the children love us