• Chinese Painting and Calligraphy for children

    Yishuge (Ink Circle) brings Chinese Art and Culture to Europe

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    Yishuge (Ink Circle) brings Chinese Art and Culture to Europe

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With a brush we make the world better

Who are we

The non-profit organization Yishuge wants to arouse curiosity of unknown in children, in schools, as well as the institutions of child and youth work, thus open ways to inner peace and balance, concentration and artistic expressiveness.

... show what they can do

Young experts

Very close to foreign cultures

At Yishuge, our kids can experience diversity. They should travel, discover foreign worlds on paper and be curious about the world, where a new, foreign and at the same time exciting, peaceful world is waiting for them.

Brushing made easy

With the help of brush, ink, paper and felt mat, the new world is taking shape. And gently ink-mist smoke rises in the classrooms. That is fun. A lot.

We awaken potential

Children discover their own abilities playfully in a new way and learn with calmness and mindfulness to simply capture and process the world in its complexity.

Express our inner feelings

The artworks of the children speak a colourful language, which creates good feelings with special colours, shades and shapes.

Images, that change the world

Our Vision

What we do

As a partner to schools, children and youth organisations, we want to do an active job of understanding children from different regions of the world.

Reaching out to children's hearts

The simple but challenging concept and our experienced team bring sunshine into children's hearts and activate them to creative action.

Yin and Yang in Ink

Holistic, participant-oriented, playful and always enriched with a little bit of new knowledge, we give children with Ink the word!

Language of all senses and feelings

As colourful as a rainbow over a silent pond, we want to sensitise the children for new depths of perception.

Children are true artists


... and what do our children say about that?